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Norton Museum of Art | Redefining Your Wellness Journey

S E L F  C A R E  S T A R T S  H E R E

Hand Made Dreams will join the Women's Walk Community Day at the Norton Museum of Art on March 19, 2022.  The 90 minute session will take place in the Museum galleries, utilizing art to build mental health awareness, generate conversation, and strengthen community connections.  The Art Wellness Exchange is an introspective experience, leveraging art through storytelling to build mental health awareness and strengthen community connections.  Based on the perspective that individuals conceptualize the world through social interaction with others. 

North Carolina Museum of Art

Self-Care for Caregivers Series

August 2021-October 2021

Due to confidentiality, all names have been removed.

Symbolic Interactionism

The Art Wellness Exchange is based on Herbert Blumer's Symbolic Interactionism (Blumer 1969, Symbolic Interactionism Perspective and Method, University of California Press), which is based on 3 principles. 


These meanings are derived through social interaction with others.

People act toward things, including each other, based on the meanings they have for them.

These meanings are managed and transformed through an interpretive process that people use to make sense of and handle the objects that constitute their social worlds

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