Hand Made Dreams is a mental health platform that offers publications providing therapeutic strategies, continuing education to licensed clinicians, and therapy services.  In response to the recent Covid-19 public health crisis and social injustice, we recognize the increased need to provide compassionate support as we establish a new routine.  Our licensed clinicians are available to meet the needs of both adults and adolescents through individual, family, and couples counseling.   

We are expanding!  The Vision Collective Group is responsible for helping organizations maintain a culture of wellness by obtaining data, identifying available problem solving approaches, and curating a plan of action.  As we prepare to enter the post-pandemic era, it is vital to invest in the mental fitness of your people, through system-wide enhancements rather than individual interventions.  Investment in your workforce is not transactional. 

Ashley L. Witherspoon MSW LCSW

Founder, CEO at Hand Made Dreams | Founder, CEO at Vision Collective Group

Photo By: Zencare


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