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As the museum field continues to prioritize well being as a fundamental value, how

can we continue developing thriving museums that contribute to the creation of healthy, vibrant communities? This is the AAM2024 theme this year, with session tracks organized around Personal, Organizational, Community, and Society. We hope you’ll join us at AAM2024 to catch our sessions:

Empathy in Motion

Friday, May 17th-Saturday, May 18th 12:45pm-1:45pm

Room: Wellness Lounge-Prat St. Lobby

Discover the power of empathy as we guide you through unique sensory exercises designed to help you connect with your inner self and enhance your communication skills.

Finding Your Spark: Renewing Your Professional Wellness Journey

Sunday, May 19th 8:30am-10:00am

Room 314/315

Whether you recently entered the museum field, have a wealth of experience, or find yourself somewhere in between, this workshop will reinvigorate your purpose. 


Meet Ashey


Meet Jessica

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Meet Queen


Elevate your senses through this musical collection that will jump start your day and keep you in the groove!

Hand Made Dreams® is a mental health platform dedicated to bringing mental health awareness to everyday spaces.  We offer consulting services, professional development, mental health counseling, and our latest initiative the Art Wellness Exchange.  We recognize the increased need to provide compassionate support as we establish a new routine.  Our licensed clinicians are available to meet the needs of both adults and adolescents through individual, family, and couples counseling.   


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