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Time to check in...

Many of us are still recovering from the holiday season, which can include extensive travel, hosting, or revisiting goals you may have set on the back burner. Some of us celebrated the reunion of family and friends, while others continue to grieve the loss of those who are no longer with us. As we enter into the new year and continue our ambitious paths, I encourage us all (including myself) to check in with your own physical/mental wellness. Identify a trusted individual to share your thoughts and feelings and be the example for the next generation on how to walk through transition by carving out a space that allows for self care.

Discuss the importance of “checking in” with your children and review what that process may look like. Provide examples of times where you may have needed to check in with someone, or someone may have checked in with you. These examples can also include when things are going well, as “checking in” does not always occur when things are not going as planned.

For additional information, check our Hand Made Dreams: Visions of Purple Toolkit! This simple guide consists of three distinct modules: Beauty & ME, Beauty & YOU, Beauty & US. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to participate for the purpose of facilitating open and healthy dialogue.

Have you “checked in” lately?

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