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The "Onward" Edition

Spending time in quarantine with my children has given our family the opportunity to explore the Disney app and all that it has to offer. One of the films on rotation is the new release from the Disney-Pixar animated adventure “Onward”. The storyline follows 2 brothers (Barley & Ian) on a mission to bring their father back to life. During the process, they run into many challenges, forcing them to confront insecurities and strengthen relationships.

The clip that immediately grabbed my attention was the “The Trust Bridge” scene. The brothers are faced with a tough decision to cross a ravine where no bridge is present. Barley must advance by creating an invisible bridge using his magical staff. In order for the spell to work, he must have faith in every step. Initially, Barley doubts his ability and Ian ties a rope around his waist to offer reassurance. Half way through the scene, the rope begins to unravel, unknowingly to Barley who is advancing and affirming his new found confidence.

As we continue to move through the Covid-19 pandemic, “The Trust Bridge” scene is applicable to many circumstances as we experience loss, personal growth, grief, and life transitions. It is completely normal to feel apprehension and at times question our ability to move onward. We may even find comfort in the support and affirmations of others (the rope) in the event we take a plunge. However, the final take away that determined Barley’s success was the ability to utilize his support to become confident and move ahead with his own conviction. This is what empowerment looks like! As we look forward to establishing a new routine during times of uncertainty, it is OKAY to feel fear, anger, sadness, distrust, and anticipation. It is OKAY to say I need space, I need help, or I am not doing well. It is OKAY to establish boundaries, disconnect, and check In. We can affirm our ability to increase autonomy and self-determination by implementing the tools available to us and as parents serving as a bridge for our children to believe in their ability to be empowered.

For additional information check out the resources available Visions of Purple Toolkit, DREAM Sessions, Summit, and clinical services. View our latest contribution to WRAL Go Ask Mom publication.

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