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We have recently expanded our platform to provide comprehensive and quality mental health services within the community. We are excited to have Megan join our team of clinicians! Check her out below!

1. Tell me about your hometown?

I am originally from Birmingham, Alabama but growing up I was apart of an Army family. We moved every three to four years. When I was in high school we moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. I consider Fairbanks my hometown. Fairbanks is a unique environment to live in because of the long winters but the summers are amazing. When summer rolls around, the entire community stops to enjoy the warm weather, which leads to a more relaxed feeling.

2. Where did you attend undergrad/grad school?

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Master Social Work from North Carolina A&T State University and University of North Carolina Greensboro.

3. Why did you select social work/counseling as your profession?

During my high school years, I had trouble adjusting to my transition to Alaska. My high school counselor was very supportive in helping me adjust to life there. I decided then I wanted to help others.

4. What values are most important to you?

The most important value to me is being your authentic self. The older I become the more I understand that I must be true to myself and protect my energy.

5. What is your experience working with clients from various racial/ethnic backgrounds, immigrant populations, LGBTQ etc.?

During my career I have worked with several different populations of clients to include: incarcerated individuals, individuals convicted of sexual offenses, veteran populations and teenagers in a residential treatment program.

6. How do you work with clients whom have experienced racism, discrimination, or immigration related concerns?

As a clinician I believe it is important to learn about other cultures and backgrounds that differ from my own. I strive to find different experiences I can put myself in to learn about others. For example, I choose a graduate school program at an HBCU to gain an understanding about the black community. I use this experience and others to create a safe environment to provide a space for clients to process what emotions they are having and to be their true authentic self.

7. What unique contribution do you offer to the profession and your clients?

I think I offer a unique perspective to clients and the Social Work profession because of my life experiences. I use these experiences to advocate for the clients I work with and provide important information to the profession.

Learn more about Megan below:

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