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Golden Nuggets

For those I have had the pleasure of mentoring within a professional space, I often times use the term “golden nuggets” to identify people who are willing to support and provide guidance within the work place. They are able to offer wisdom and share experiences as a learning tool. I firmly believe that we have golden nuggets within many aspects of our lives that we have yet to discover, but have been with us along the way.

We often times look for leaders/influencers on a large scale who have made a significant impact. Our children are also able to refer to characters through storybooks and movies. I recently had a conversation with my 2 year old about superheroes (it was somewhat of a conversation). He was explaining to me that he is a superhero, therefore he is able to fight. He continues to proclaim “I am Aston! Aston is big and Aston is strong!”. Now granted, some of this was his justification for “fighting” his 1 year old brother, however he also had a point. I was extremely proud of his confidence-regardless of his title.

The holiday season can be filled with laughter, joy, and delicious food! Many of you will be traveling or entertaining family and friends. I encourage us all to identify at least one golden nugget in your family or community. Just sit with them, listen to them, open yourself up to learning about their life journey. Many of us have these golden nuggets who have been right in front of us all along who have made significant strides. Furthermore, you just may be a golden nugget to others. You may be that person who influenced others to make significant decisions in their lives.

For those of you who are interested in sharing information about your “Golden Nugget” please contact

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