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Feeling anxious and excited, you are winding down your day and rushing home to share the good news! You reach the front door, throw down your belongings, find the nearest person, and let it fly. At the end, you manage to receive a slightly enthusiastic response “That’s great!”

Let’s face it, how many times have you found yourself stopping abruptly during mid sentence to say “Did You Hear Me?”. This leads us to the simple, but not so simple task of mindful listening. Mindful Listening is a skill that requires us to be fully available without forethought or distraction to the person who is sharing.

In the age of technology, there are distractions that surround us everyday, which can prevent us from fully engaging with those around us. I have listed a few tips below to help us practice our skills:

-Maintain eye contact.

-No cellphones or other electronics during conversations.

-No multitasking (this is a hard one-especially when kids are involved).

Mindful Listening just like any skill requires practice. These tips can be utilized anywhere, at anytime, with anyone! Have you engaged in Mindful Listening? If so, share your tips with the community below!

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