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Breaking the Cycle

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

As we continue to explore families, many of us belong to communities that frequently pass down values and traditions from one generation to the next through experiences, stories, and examples displayed by our mothers, fathers, and/or extended family members. Many of these traditions include our favorite banana pudding recipe, having a green thumb, or the gift of quilting. How often have you thought to yourself “I am becoming my mother!” or “I am just like my dad!”.

Let‘s dig a little deeper and explore specific cycles that may impact our ability to communicate or cope with intense emotions, such as stress.

-What are ways in which you handle stress?

-Can you recall the methods adult figures in your family used to cope with stressful times?

-Were there any signs or physical symptoms displayed indicating their stress level?

Although these are only a few examples, we can explore many cycles from eating habits to parenting styles.

Breaking these cycles, or learned behaviors, is not always easy as it often times can bring on feelings of guilt and judgement from those you trust and love. It can force you to re-evaluate your value system, starting you on a path of exploration from childhood years. For some the thought of breaking cycles can occur during a life changing event such as starting a family or the loss of someone special. In conclusion, many individuals are dedicated not only to continuing or altering cycles, but creating new ones! Which category do you find yourself in?

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