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Behind The Scenes

The Hand Made Dreams: Visions of Purple Toolkit is finally here and I am excited to share a calling that I have been contemplating over the past few years. I developed a passion for working with families at a very early stage during my education, while I was a criminal justice intern at a local juvenile detention center. I recall watching young ladies enter into the program due to various charges, often times bruised and/or under the influence of substances, feeling abandoned, and having no sense of self love or worth. Our orientation process at the time did not encourage us to be very “therapeutic” rather firm in the spirit of carrying out their “punishment”.

Regardless of instruction, I found myself always trying to dig deeper to understand their perspective and steps that led them to the center, in addition to providing resources and tools to make connections in the community. Although I would soon find out the systematic layers and at times complex biases involved, I would press forward organizing groups, music sessions, and journaling clubs. It was there, I found my true calling and was pulled aside by a mentor who pointed me in the direction to pursue the Masters Social Work Program, however I am sure she was tired of receiving calls from my field supervisor 😊.

As I continued my professional journey, I was given the opportunity to work in various settings from inpatient psychiatric facilities, in home therapeutic services, and outpatient clinics. Along the way, I was able to watch real life advocacy and receive mentorship by top women in the profession. As I continued to grow and explore various areas within the field, the image of those young ladies walking into the juvenile detention center recently beaten and bruised never left my memory. At times I would make excuses for not pursing my passion (just getting married, just having my first child, just having another baby) you know the list. However, the calling was just too strong and Hand Made Dreams was born.

I am thankful for the support of my family and friends along this journey to create such a beautiful community. This community is for any mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, and/or mentor who has provided love and nurturing to a young lady in their home and/or community. With your support, it is my goal to continue to remind all of our young ladies that they are and will forever be HAND MADE!

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