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Beauty & ME

The Hand Made Dreams: Visions of Purple Toolkit guides our participants through three distinct modules which highlight ways in which our young ladies and their parents perceive themselves, others, and the community in which they live. Breaking down communication barriers between generations and allowing ourselves to create spaces of vulnerability, support, and love.

I began to build these modules during a time I was starting to analyze the meaning of beauty in my personal life. I was re-evaluating my diet, exploring natural hair choices, and connecting the dots between my emotional and physical health. I was starting to build strong relationships by opening myself up to vulnerability and forgiveness, and allowing myself to set healthy boundaries.

As my life began to transform so did the modules. I was able to settle on the final outline; Beauty & ME, Beauty & YOU, Beauty & US. I wanted to bring the modules full circle by incorporating ways of not just existing in a healthy space but thriving with built in support systems (parents/guardians). The Hand Made Dreams: Visions of Purple Toolkit is not isolated to a physical location, as this experience is meant to be a self exploratory guide with no time limit.

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